RedTelly is a private content sharing platform. We use QR Code technology to upload and view content on our platform. When you scan a RedTelly product for the first time, you are presented with an upload button to upload your video message. Once your video is uploaded, anytime someone scans the QR Code with their smartphone's camera, they can watch your video instantly without downloading any app or signing up for any account. 



Yes. Currently you can upload up to 1 minute video on each RedTelly product. We are working on providing additional options to support uploading larger video files. Stay tuned!




Click here to learn how you can scan RedTelly with your smartphone camera.




Your videos are stored securely on our servers. We never share your content with anyone. However, anyone who has access to your RedTelly products (Stickers, Tags, and Stands) can view your content. It is your responsibility to make sure your RedTelly products are only seen by the intended recipients.




We take your data security very seriously. We generate the IDs for each RedTelly product using cryptographically secure methods, and we use Cloudflare services to prevent malicious actors from accessing RedTelly links that do not belong to them.




Not at the moment. Once you upload a video, you can not remove it. It's like sending a text message. You can not undo or delete a message you already sent. But we suggest that you keep a picture of your QR Codes if you would like to have an option to remove them. We are working on this feature but in the mean time, you can email us at hello@redtelly.com with "remove request" in the subject line, and we will remove your videos for you. Be mindful that your RedTelly products will be deactivated from further usage once we remove your videos. 




We will keep your videos online unless requested otherwise. The recipients of the video can also download a copy for safekeeping.




Anyone who has a picture of the RedTelly QR Code can also access your videos. Like a “share” link to a private document, take measures to ensure your RedTelly products are only accessible by the intended recipients.